‘Europe’ is more than an economic region from which bloated bureaucrats and political nonentities draw salaries and perks. Before the conniving Count Kalergi and his banker friends, and before cabals such as the Bilderberg Group, there was ‘Europe’ as a living, dynamic organism, whose culture, faith, and heroes have been smothered in a quagmire of American junk culture, the debt of bankers, and the opportunity for the sweepings of the world to call themselves ‘Europeans’. ‘Europe’ has been hijacked and besmirched by outer enemies and inner traitors.

Paradoxically, the Europeans with the soundest instincts are among those who reject and oppose the entity that is today called ‘Europe’, as the recent Brexit poll indicated. However, such has been the disgust at the European project as manifested by secular-humanists, Masons, bankers, bureaucrats and U.S. geopolitical strategists, that the noble Idea of Europe-a-Nation, unfolding over the course of centuries, has been replaced by those who should be promoting it most avidly with the petty-statism that was inaugurated by the French Revolution and subsequent liberal forces of disintegration. Europe has been turned into a travesty of herself, and spurned by those who should be her champions because they are not seeing beyond several hundred years of treachery, corruption and culture-sickness.