In “Spring Comes Again” Jorian Jenks highlights the problems created by liberalism and the “free market” economy arguing that in reality it can only lead to exploitation and repression – a system devised to ensure that a minority are free to prey on the weaker members of society. Other topics include Marxism and the Class War, the Bureaucratic State, the Disintegration of Socialism, the Spirit of Fascism, the Corporate State, and Unity, Equity, Security – the watchwords of the Fascist Revolution.

Jorian Jenks was an English farmer, a leading member of the British Union of Fascists, a pioneer of radical ecology and organic farming, and a founder of the Soil Association and Editor of its journal “Mother Earth” and is regarded by many as one of the principle architects of the Green Movement in Britain. He was also a keen and active supporter of Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirt organisation, and wrote many articles for the movement’s newspapers and journals. He was imprisoned without charge or trial spending some time in the infamous torture centre at Lathchmere House in Surrey. During his later incarceration in Walton gaol he was subject to 23 hour “lock downs”.