During his long life, the British Fascist leader Oswald Mosley knew just about everybody worth knowing. Politicians like Winston Churchill, Franklin D Roosevelt and Lloyd George. Leading society hostesses such as Lady Cunard, Mrs Randolph Hearst and Nancy Astor. He also knew Beaverbook, Northcliffe and Rothermere: the three most powerful press barons of their day. Authors like Compton Mackenzie and Henry Williamson were among his friends. And of course, Mosley had a unique personal insight into the characters of Hitler, Mussolini, Goering and the Goebbels.

  • On reading this book Michael Foot, Leader of the Labour Party during the 1980s, commented: “He came near to diverting the whole course of British history…What Mosley so valiantly stood for could have saved his country from the Hungry Thirties and the Second World War”.
  • ‘The outstanding politician of his generation, … Mosley was spurned by Whitehall, Fleet Street and every party leader at Westminster, simply and solely because he was right.’ – R. H. S. Crossman in ‘The New Statesman
  • ‘Only Oswald Mosley … rose to the height of the challenge. His proposals… offered a blueprint for most of the constructive advances in economic policy to the present day … an astonishing achievement, evidence of a superlative talent.’ – A. J. P. Taylor in ‘English History, 1914-1945
  • ‘Mosley is the only man I have ever known who could have been a very great Prime Minister … His diagnosis was right … an enormously gifted man.’ – Lord Boothby in a BBC broadcast
  • ‘Great talents and great strength of character.’ – Harold Macmillan in ‘Winds of Change

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